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Rep. Duckworth’s Court Hearing: Everything You Need To Know

May 11, 2016 | Press Release

How it all began…
In 2009, two employees of the Anna Veterans’ Home sued Tammy Duckworth as an individual in Union County Circuit Court for violations of the state of Illinois officials and employees’ ethics act. Duckworth is accused of silencing a whistleblower, wrongful termination, humiliating an employee and approving inaccurate performance reviews that rendered the plaintiffs ineligible for bonuses and raises. The whistleblowers were ignored and threatened when they reported abuse of veterans and unfair treatment. Duckworth is represented by the office of the Attorney General of Illinois thus her defense is being paid for by the taxpayers of Illinois for the past seven years.

Court Hearing Logistics
WHAT: Case Hearing in Duckworth’s Whistleblower Lawsuit
WHERE: Union County Courthouse, 309 Market Street, Jonesboro, Illinois
WHEN: 11:00 A.M. Central Time on May 12, 2016

Duckworth’s Whereabouts
While taxpayer-funded attorneys will be in Union County defending Duckworth on ethics violations, Rep. Duckworth will be hosting a $1,000 plate breakfast in D.C. with Democratic party leader Harry Reid.
Thursday, May 12th, 2016
Event: Breakfast Fundraiser Hosted by Senator Harry Reid
Location: Johnny’s Half Shell, 400 North Capitol Street NW, Washington, DC 20001
Time: 7:45 AM – 9:00 AM
To Attend: PAC/Individual – $1000 per person
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Key Facts

  1. Just three days after a whistleblower sent a complaint to the Office of Executive Inspector General outlining the veteran abuse and mismanagement occurring at the Anna Veterans’ Home, then-IDVA Director Tammy Duckworthwent to the facility to fire the whistleblower and intimidate other employees from coming forward.
  2. After Duckworth wrongfully terminated the whistleblower,she publicly humiliated her while intimidating other employees when she opened the office door and announced the termination.
  3. Another whistleblower at the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs brought forth complaints of harassment she suffered when returning from maternity leave to then-Director Duckworth and IDVA management. The harassment included her finding her desk trashed and files missing, in addition to unwarranted restrictions on her job duties and tasks, including having to ask permission to leave for lunch unlike all other IDVA employees.
  4. Duckworth told one whistleblower “If you do your job and keep your mouth shut and concentrate on job duties, you will keep your job.”
  5. Rep. Duckworth admitted her actions were wrong in an emailto her colleagues, where she wrote “I need documentation from you in a clear, user-friendly format to justify my decision to fire her. I screwed up in firing her.”


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We are, above all, Americans, and we should stand united in doing all we can to protect our elections. #ilsen

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"All in all, this is not a difficult call. We endorse Mark Kirk for another term representing IL in the US Senate."

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And another endorsement for #TeamKirk! A sincere thanks to the @pjstar for supporting my campaign #ilsen

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Another great week for #TeamKirk! Our support across #IL is incredible. Will you support us online here? #ilsen

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Americans have lost faith in many areas of govt. We can't allow faith to be lost in our democratic process #ilsen…

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Weekend and election #inspo from our @Cubs - good luck on Saturday! #FlyTheW…

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October 21, 2016 | Peoria Journal Star

Endorsement: U.S. Senate, Mark Kirk

Well, that’s a first — a major party candidate running for statewide office who does not respond to invitations to interview or to share her issue positions, even ignoring direct appeals from local party officials…

Associated Press: “Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is in Chicago to support Illinois U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk’s bid for a second term… Romney endorsed Kirk on Wednesday, calling the Republican an ‘independent voice’ who’s willing to work…

When I first got to the Senate in 2010, the 42 steps to the door of the U.S. Capitol would have taken me about a minute to climb. I definitely would not have been nervous,…

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